Spiritual Women x Business Course

“Spiritual Women x Business Course aka 8 weeks to be a badass entrepreneur.  I used to ‘think’ I was a confident woman, but now I actually FEEL it and AM it. Eight weeks of inspiration + motivation left me in the flow and unstoppable.  I now have the necessary tools to run a successful business for a lifetime. Thank you Natalia for your support, love, and dedication to us all & Thank you to the women of this course for being a safe space, vulnerable, and holding each one of our visions high.  So much love xoxo.”

- Hannah, San Francisco, CA

Natalia Benson is an AMAZING coach and teacher. She does such a great job of being kindhearted with her teachings while holding you accountable for the work at the same time. The Spiritual Women x Business course was super powerful and life changing... I have definitely felt big shifts in my life and feel so much more confident about stepping into my role as a business owner and sharing my gifts with the world. Not only did I receive tools to use in my business as well as every day life but the connections and friendships I made with the other women in the course are invaluable. I absolutely love working with Natalia and can’t wait to continue learning from her, I’m so thankful for her light and wisdom

- Demi, Los Angeles, CA

“Taking Natalia’s Spiritual Women x Business Course was a such gift. I’m so grateful for the space she created to explore and really own what I want to create and share in this world. Natalia lead us through beautiful rituals of self acceptance, shared practical tools to get my idea off the ground and cultivated a community of uplifting women who have become beautiful friends. Before this course I was too afraid to acknowledge what I really wanted and now I have a clear vision of how I’m going to share my heart and the life I’d like to create. Love you Natalia  I’m so grateful!”

- Shan, San Francisco, CA

I have participated in 3 live multi week women’s
Workshops with Natalia Benson (I cant remember the exact names of all of them)  and I can confidently say she is the real deal!
She creates a safe space and shares all of the tips, tools, resources says and practices that she has implemented in her own life to reach the success she has. She is an open book and wants to help others find their place in this world. After each zoom I feel super inspired, empowered and ready to move forward.
She really cares! She leads with gratitude. 
The private Instagram group helped me connect with such amazing women (I know will be life long support and friendships)
As well as a safe space to visit through out the week to find encouragement, get support, and ask questions. 
I really appreciated how Natalia held  us accountable to do our daily empowerment  rituals she taught us as well as implement the weekly homework assignments to help us stay focused and break through our fears. 
After completing working with Natalia I have moved through my fears of stepping more into my purpose and so grateful she choose to step into hers and share all of her knowledge with us! 
If you feel called to work with Natalia I would strongly suggest that you follow your intuition! You will not regret it! Promise!

- Jamie, Boston, MA

“Natalia Benson is true born leader. Her passion and commitment to bettering the lives of others is a true gift to those who commit themselves to taking one of her courses. Natalia is compassionate to her students but also holds them accountable to show up, do the work and see things thru. She pushes her students to get out of their comfort zone and move into their greatest potential. I am very grateful to have been in Natalia's Spiritual Women x Business course in addition to many others in the past. I have found my self-confidence and self-love through her teachings and feel like I have been given the tools to better my life and the life of others.” 

— Caitlin, California 

“Can I say WOW what a journey life has been + what a heart opening journey this women’s biz course has been with Natalia Benson in the first part of 2019- what a way to start the year in my power- it has been incredible.

I personally have gotten a lot out of the course and would recommend this course to anyone that is semi clear or clear on what they want to do. There is a lot of self love practice involved combined with some inner work + manifestation + execution.

This course has really helped me get clear on my biz idea + what I want to be doing the rest of my life + has inspired me to rebrand myself and step into my power + I am bringing back a brand I had years ago but in a new light. Finally taking the step. Thanks Natalia for your light + support.”

— Kristen, Los Angeles 

Women’s Empowerment Course

‘I just finished the Women's Empowerment course and am freaking IN LOVE and feeling so high vibe and inspired to live in my purpose! I had been on the fence about quitting a job of mine that was no longer serving me as I am looking to start my own online business and took the leap TODAY (same day I finished the course) to step into my power and quit.

I let go of the fear and recognized that my soul is yearning for something more and for the first time in so long, I actually HONORED that. I don't think I would've been able to honor myself this much or be this confident in my choices if it weren't for this course. Natalia is a beautiful soul and offers SO much! This course is worth so much more than the monetary value she charges. I will be using these beautiful practices every single day and adding them to my toolkit. If you're on the fence about it, take the leap of faith and invest in yourself. There's so much magic waiting for you on the other side.’
- Sydney

Having recently left a fantastic, well paying 9-5, to pursue a career that truly served me and my purpose, I was feeling really panicked about not having regular $$ coming in and got frantic about finding a job, whatever it was, just to have an income.

I was completing the Life Vision modules and Natalia was speaking about not making decisions out of fear and honoring your truth; asking and then waiting for the universe to respond to that. I instantly calmed; I had taken that first big step of leaving my job because I KNEW it wasn't serving me. I just had to stop my ego and relax into my decision - the universe will always meet us halfway.

It was the exact reminder I needed at the exact right time. These beautiful reminders, coupled with the morning practices have given me such an infectious lust for life and all the good vibes.

Natalia is a breath in such a crazy, overly programmed world. BIG LOVE!

Lana, Melbourne

My vibration is higher, I feel more self love, more direction in my career path, a better understanding around my natal chart and the universe's plan for me, I'm more in tune to the environment's impact on my mood and energy and I feel closer to who I am and what I want. Loved it!

Emily, Truckee CA

I have clarity around my life purpose. Something that I had struggled with for the last 6 months or so. I feel empowered to ask the Universe for what I want and believe that it will provide what is meant for me. I would recommend this course to anyone feeling a little lost in their life and needing some guidance back to their authentic flow.

- Morgan, Melbourne

This course has been a beautiful guide to Myself. Ever since I understood the importance of being full before giving, I constantly look for tools and ways that can help me fill myself with love and this course couldn’t have come to me at a more perfect time! Divinely timed and guided! Blessed to have found you Natalia ✨🙏🏻

- Bianca, India

I wake up fresher, I have given myself routine, I have more energy, its as if the dark night of the soul I have felt recently has lifted through the actions put in place from this course.

I don't know where to start! This course has changed my life. Natalia is not only an inspiration but a lifesaver, a true healer for the modern age. She has taught me how to follow my heart, my intuition, how to be strong and has given me so much guidance.

- Lauren Sarah, Perth

Natalia has shown me even before this class how to show up for myself. How to be kind towards myself. Being compassionate and loving, is the first step into healing I stated with her morning rituals. Then meditations, when I hear her voice it calms my heart and makes me feel so much warmth it's hard to describe.

- Desiree, Betancourt

This course has grounded me again, connecting back to myself to give me the inner power to know that I hold the all the answers to my questions. I really enjoyed being able to do it in modules - and that I could pause and write notes of wisdom along the way.

I have been able to tap into myself to understand my strengths, my weaknesses, my areas of growth, where my fears lie. I now have all of this in front of me and using the tools of meditation, affirmations, natal chart etc I can guide myself through becoming a truly enriched person.

- Rose, Melbourne