- Testimonials -


“Working with Natalia feels like being coached by your very best friend. She is gentle and compassionate, authentic and hilarious, and gives you the transparent kick in the ass that you need to come into alignment with who you were made to be. She helped heal my relationship to my worth on every level - from my image and self-love, to my creative gifts, to my relationships and my finances.

She guided me get crystal clear on what I want, and taught me how to ask for what I know I deserve. She led me to tap into my own innate gifts and superpowers. And (in true Aries fashion), lit the fire under me to get into action and make my dream life a reality. I look at myself today and am so proud of the woman that is reflected back to me. She stands tall with a kind power, confident in who she is and excited about where she's heading because she knows, without a doubt, how to get everything she deserves in life.”

— Jennifer, Texas

“Everything about Natalia showing up in my life and world has been truly aligned from the very beginning. 

I will be forever grateful that I was guided to Natalia, 
Before starting coaching with her I felt like life was especially hard to be who I was, being a highly sensitive person and an empath can make life and relationships overwhelming and I thought this was something that I would just have to deal with always. 
But after working with Natalia she has helped me to realize that these qualities actually make life extra special! 
Natalia is literally an angel on this planet, her kind and caring nature and warmth combined with her wisdom and intelligence and true goddess power in everything she does has helped me transform completely! 
She has guided me to truly and completely love and accept myself and to step into my full power and worth as a woman and as a business owner. She has helped me overcome fears that I have had as long as I can remember and to literally see the world in a new way. 

She is MAGICAL AF and is so easy to connect with and to allow her to guide you on a journey back to you true self. 



— Abby, Australia

“My time with Natalia has been honestly life transforming and such an integral part of my business and my life. I initially reached out to Natalia feeling all over the place with my ideas and feeling down on my self due to a lack of focus.

After only a few session with Natalia, I became so much more self-aware, so much so that I began looking at and running my business in a completely different way which helped me attract so much more abundance and success. Natalia has genuinely helped me to get to know myself in ways that I didn’t even realize were possible; now I feel so much more fulfilled and in flow with everything that I do. Thank you so much, Natalia, you have a lifelong client here!” 

 — Erin, Coaching Client, Melbourne, Australia

”Natalia is MAGICAL!!!!! I swear every time I talk to her something amazing happens to me. I’m a newbie to the Spiritual world, and she’s shown me the limitless possibilities, and helped me realize that I AM the one that will make it happen - with a little Natalia magic fairy dust of course :) She’s totally personable, I feel like she’s a friend I’ve known for years. I’m incredibly grateful to be working with such an amazing and inspiring woman!” 

— Katie, Coaching Client, Los Angeles

”Natalia is both knowledgeable and gifted in the spiritual space. Her deep understanding of tarot and astrology makes the spiritual world accessible and has greatly impacted my life.”  

— Kira, Coaching Client, Los Angeles

”Coaching with Natalia helped me not only to get back in touch with my spirituality,  but it helped me also to practice more self-love, which I didn't realize I was lacking. Natalia's way of first working to strengthen my foundation was so key in order for me to make any real lasting changes. The wisdom and techniques she shared with me I continue to use daily. Natalia has added so much value to my life and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you again ♥️.”

  — Jessica, Coaching Client, Los Angeles


Spiritual Women x Business Course -

“Spiritual Women x Business Course aka 8 weeks to be a badass entrepreneur.  I used to ‘think’ I was a confident woman, but now I actually FEEL it and AM it. Eight weeks of inspiration + motivation left me in the flow and unstoppable.  I now have the necessary tools to run a successful business for a lifetime. Thank you Natalia for your support, love, and dedication to us all & Thank you to the women of this course for being a safe space, vulnerable, and holding each one of our visions high.  So much love xoxo.”

— Hannah, San Francisco, CA

“Investing in myself, stepping into my power, and owning my self-worth has never been more rewarding.  I took 2 courses with Natalia over the past 6 months and almost every aspect of my life has changed in such a positive way (self, career, finances, relationship). When I first started working with her I had just launched my business and was feeling extremely stuck and blocked on how to move forward... I was making little to no money which caused a series of other ripple effects in my life. While taking her Spiritual Women X Business Course I had several breakthrough moments and by the time the course had ended my business had completely changed courses and money and abundance started flowing freely, like as if I flipped a switch!  Natalia helped me break down the fears that once held me back, feel confident in who I am and what I have to offer this world, and she taught me so many different tools and techniques for how to tap into my higher self. She has helped me channel my power and use that to live my best life possible. It's all a mindset. Thank you, Thank you! Forever grateful for all that you've taught me!!”

— Becky, San Diego 

Natalia Benson is an AMAZING coach and teacher. She does such a great job of being kindhearted with her teachings while holding you accountable for the work at the same time. The Spiritual Women x Business course was super powerful and life changing... I have definitely felt big shifts in my life and feel so much more confident about stepping into my role as a business owner and sharing my gifts with the world. Not only did I receive tools to use in my business as well as every day life but the connections and friendships I made with the other women in the course are invaluable. I absolutely love working with Natalia and can’t wait to continue learning from her, I’m so thankful for her light and wisdom

Demi, Los Angeles, CA

“Taking Natalia’s Spiritual Women x Business Course was a such gift. I’m so grateful for the space she created to explore and really own what I want to create and share in this world. Natalia lead us through beautiful rituals of self acceptance, shared practical tools to get my idea off the ground and cultivated a community of uplifting women who have become beautiful friends. Before this course I was too afraid to acknowledge what I really wanted and now I have a clear vision of how I’m going to share my heart and the life I’d like to create. Love you Natalia  I’m so grateful!”

Shan, San Francisco, CA

I have participated in 3 live multi week women’s
Workshops with Natalia Benson (I cant remember the exact names of all of them)  and I can confidently say she is the real deal!
She creates a safe space and shares all of the tips, tools, resources says and practices that she has implemented in her own life to reach the success she has. She is an open book and wants to help others find their place in this world. After each zoom I feel super inspired, empowered and ready to move forward.
She really cares! She leads with gratitude. 
The private Instagram group helped me connect with such amazing women (I know will be life long support and friendships)
As well as a safe space to visit through out the week to find encouragement, get support, and ask questions. 
I really appreciated how Natalia held  us accountable to do our daily empowerment  rituals she taught us as well as implement the weekly homework assignments to help us stay focused and break through our fears. 
After completing working with Natalia I have moved through my fears of stepping more into my purpose and so grateful she choose to step into hers and share all of her knowledge with us! 
If you feel called to work with Natalia I would strongly suggest that you follow your intuition! You will not regret it! Promise!

— Jamie, Boston, MA

“Natalia Benson is true born leader. Her passion and commitment to bettering the lives of others is a true gift to those who commit themselves to taking one of her courses. Natalia is compassionate to her students but also holds them accountable to show up, do the work and see things thru. She pushes her students to get out of their comfort zone and move into their greatest potential. I am very grateful to have been in Natalia's Spiritual Women x Business course in addition to many others in the past. I have found my self-confidence and self-love through her teachings and feel like I have been given the tools to better my life and the life of others.” 

— Caitlin, California 

“Can I say WOW what a journey life has been + what a heart opening journey this women’s biz course has been with Natalia Benson in the first part of 2019- what a way to start the year in my power- it has been incredible.

I personally have gotten a lot out of the course and would recommend this course to anyone that is semi clear or clear on what they want to do. There is a lot of self love practice involved combined with some inner work + manifestation + execution.

This course has really helped me get clear on my biz idea + what I want to be doing the rest of my life + has inspired me to rebrand myself and step into my power + I am bringing back a brand I had years ago but in a new light. Finally taking the step. Thanks Natalia for your light + support.”

— Kristen, Los Angeles

7 Weeks to Self Love Live Course -

“I was in a rocky emotional place at the start of the course. A recent breakup brought a lot of past hurts to the surface and I was drinking a lot to cope with depression and anxiety. By the end of the course I hit 30 days sober, thanks in large part to the new techniques I learned in this course. I don’t need to numb myself or hide from my feelings because I am learning to love myself even when times are tough. I’m so grateful for this experience and for Natalia’s guidance and support.

Mirrorwork has been especially helpful as my body image issues often keep me from being able to even look at myself. I love having a morning ritual to ease me into my day, I use movement throughout the day to bring me balance, and I end each day with mirror work and gratitude practice. I’m so thankful for this experience; when I signed up I never could’ve imagined how much of a difference it would make in my life. Thank you.”

— Jen, New York City

“This course impacted my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual experiences. The way I deal with my emotions has improved. I am able to show compassion towards myself as I work through my emotions in a healthy and empowering way. I have found strength through the incantations I speak and ways of seeing myself like never before. The practices I learned from Natalia became rituals and are accessible in every moment. Lastly, I am tapping into my intuition. I interact with my life so much differently now. I feel more grounded, less reactive, more peaceful and liberated! I've arrived home to my true nature and I am joyfully being my authentic self.”

— Amber, Kilauea, HI

“I deeply feel that I have shifted leaps and bounds from my old self. I’ve formulated new routines to aid in the creation of new thought patterns to no longer live a life of self doubt and worry. I see a strong and beautiful woman in the mirror now instead of only seeing her sometimes and picking out the flaws. I am embracing my gifts and through the tools Natalia has shared, stepping more fully into my power and towards complete sovereignty on all levels.”

— Corrie, Los Angeles, CA

“After this course, I feel I now have love and respect for myself. Any “lows” that I now may experience are not as low on the emotional scale as before. Before, I was essentially misusing my mind which was essentially inflicting pain on myself. Now that I’ve tapped into my goddess power, I now embrace my ups and downs, my light and darks in a positive way. I can now manage any negative energy that I may experience. I can feel the energy, sit with it, honor its presence, and then just let it pass through me. I don’t let it affect me as deeply anymore since sometimes resistance can make it feel worse. As soon as I feel a negative thought I immediately snap into the tools Natalia taught me. These tools then start to up my energy. Out of the many tools Natalia taught me throughout this course, mirror work, movement, and invocations are my top three favorites. Mirror work has been so beneficial for me to really hear the things that my mind needs to hear. I gaze into the mirror and don’t judge or critique myself. I just let the positivity and love flow. Movement such as doing mini dance parties helps to bring me happiness, move any stagnant energy in my body and just liberate my soul when I dance to a song that I love. Invocations have helped me shift and reprogram my mind so I actually BELIEVE I am worthy, beautiful and strong. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who needs to learn the tools to self-love and improve your life experience. This course has helped give me the will to have the courage to get out of bed every day and do my best, to learn, and be able to love myself and the people around me. It also has helped me with commitment since I always made sure to keep up with my practices. Overall, I am proud of the changes I have made in myself over these last 7 weeks whether they were big or small. For me… a change is a change. I look back 7 weeks ago, a month ago, a year ago and can see how much I have evolved. I am so thankful for Natalia teaching me all the information in this course, and I also want to thank MYSELF for WILLING to change.”

— Christine, Boston, MA

“Within the 7 weeks to Self-love I have been able to fully appreciate and empower myself. I have created a deep connection and repaired the relationship I have with myself which in my opinion is the most important relationship I will ever have. I feel my appearance has changed also, I am continuously having people say I look as if I am glowing and this is exactly how I feel on the inside. In a nutshell, Natalia has equipped me with the tools that no matter what you throw at me I can take it on.”

— Elin, Los Angeles, CA

“I took this course in part because I was feeling like at some point adult life took over and I became my own last priority and lost my sense of self. Through 7WSL I have learned, first and foremost, to take responsibility for making myself a priority instead of blaming lack of time/other responsibilities. I have also learned how a lifetime of negative self-talk has affected my confidence and sense of worth, and how to tap into that powerful babe that's been lurking below the rubble waiting to have her day. There was some crying and some tough breakthroughs, but at the end of the day this course has brought joy and a sense of centeredness back into my life and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience!”

— Flora, Portland, OR

Live Women’s Empowerment Course -

“Thank you so much for this transformative journey. I have learned so much throughout this 7 week period. 

I feel extremely grateful, more grounded and I am so addicted to my new rituals. I really feel it is opening new doors to this endless world of manifestation and more work is to be done! I hope to connect with you again soon! 

p.s I am addicted to mantras AND meditation now.  

Thank you for making my heart a little lighter.” 

— Melissa, Live Women’s Empowerment Course, Toronto, Canada

”I purchased/signed up for Natalia's Women's Empowerment Course with some reluctancy. While I was super excited because I've been a fan of Natalia for a while, I'd never invested in myself like this before. It brought up a lot of fear & doubt within me. Would it be worth it? Would I be able to commit to what was assigned to me? Would I really feel empowered at the end? Well, let me tell you.... once I experienced the first module of this course, I knew it was worth every penny. Natalia just has a way of connecting you to your true power.

Not only does she have a lot of amazing information & resources to share, but she also is open to learning from the women in the course & hearing what we have to say. This wasn't a typical one-sided lecture series. This was so much more than that. She helped us create a mini-community so we could all support & lean on each other. I can say at the end of it all, that I'm truly a changed woman.

Through the exercises that Natalia had us do, I can now see me for ME and in turn, love every part of what I see.

Even the shadowy, scarred parts. Not only that, but I feel more empowered than ever before to speak my truth and lean into what may feel uncomfortable. My relationships are better because I've learned to ask for what I want and better communicate how I'm feeling. I could go on forever about how this course changed me, but I encourage any woman who is feeling any ounce of self doubt to sign up for this. I promise you will change for the better (and meet some amazing women along the way).”

— Stephanie, Live Women’s Empowerment Course, Redondo Beach, CA

“Thank you Natalia. Through your simple tools and my full trust in you and the group- I surprised myself and moved onto the path that was always meant to be for me. 

After our first meditation where we envisioned our higher self, you asked us to hug her and watch her merge into ourselves. I became very ill for a whole week after this exercise- in bed with a fever and just crying/feeling helpless. I now know that this was my body getting rid of old energy.

I actually changed after that- even physically I lost weight. My body no longer wanted to work hard for someone else dreams (in terms of career/ work). By the end of the course I had talked to my boss about leaving and over the last month I have been doing some serious thinking about what I really want for my future!

My goal of getting rid of fear towards the spiritual world was gone too! This is major for me. Previously, I really could not quiet my mind during meditation- It actually used to be an unpleasant/useless experience for me! Thanks to you, I have let go of my fear towards the spiritual realm and have become more trusting/open in meditation- therefore being open to receiving information from the spiritual realm.

I will always remember this period in my life, as it was a pinnacle turning point in my adulthood.

I hope you enjoy every achievement that you came on this Earth to accomplish!”

— P, Live Women’s Empowerment Course, Australia

“Natalia Benson is a beautifully magical empowerment guide. Her inspiring and informational words enable you to trust in both the universe and the deepest parts of the self, sowing seeds of self love as the core of the heart, to bloom beauty in all areas of life. Her teachings entrust you to recognize the divine feminine within and let it shine through your soul.

To invest in yourself and become an empowered feminine being, not only for yourself but the universe, influencing everyone and everything that comes into your path.” 

— Monique, Live Women’s Empowerment Course, Australia

“Natalia is truly gifted & passionate about the work she does. This isn’t your typical, fluffy “feel good “ course - She keeps it real & the work is practical for todays modern age.  She helps you find your power & how to implement it into your everyday.  This course is for ANYONE, whether you need to find your power within, starting a business, already owning a business, whatever it is ….. Natalia’s practises help you face the blockages that are stopping you from going out and achieving the success you DESIRE & DESERVE.

Starting an organizing & styling business - Natalia has helped me realise what direction I want my business to go - which also resonate with me ( as well as trusting in my vision & not to compare my business to anyone else). Her teachings allow you to authentically express yourself.  She helps you every step of the way AND is always available if you have questions or concerns.  She really invests in your vision (as much as you do). 

If you feel like I did and are unsure whether this course is for you…. I ensure you, this is an investment in yourself that you will not regret.  If you’re ready to make your visions + dreams a reality! Natalia is the babe for you!!” 

— Lily, Australia 

MAN-IFESTED: Manifesting LOVE via Self-Love -

“Love this course so much! it taught me so much about life and loving myself. natalia gives you the tools to reflect and accept yourself in order for you to manifest the love you deserve!”


“After completing Natalia’s course, my boyfriend and I have grown so much closer. While we still have disagreements, we are able to communicate more openly and to restabilize more quickly. This course has reassured me of my feelings for my boyfriend of 6 months as we have both bonded deeply and grown closer. He is pursuing his dreams as I pursue mine. We are so excited to be planning a future - wedding, kids, business, the whole enchilada! I’m so grateful for Natalia’s course! She is such a wonderful and wise teacher!”


“This course has been EVERYTHING. I had a baseline for a lot of these concepts but you put it all together in a meaningful and ACCESSIBLE way and I just cannot wait for all that is to come!!”


“MAN-IFESTED has given me to confidence to love myself more deeply and also taught me to be clear about what I want and that I deserve. So often, we don't go for gold. Natalia makes it fun to manifest sensational love!”


“I loved what this course was all about, it was a great way to learn about myself and love myself first. The exercises and tools I have learned here i will implement into my every day life. 💙”


“The best course for manifesting the love you want, through heart-felt lessons leading back to self-love. This course transformed my relationship and also my journey to self. Totally nudged me to heal and grow in the area. Thank you so much Natalia!”


“MAN-IFESTED made me realize that the most important person to love is **ME**first. Then the rest will beautifully find it’s place.”


“Natalia, You have been such a magical being in my self love journey. I cannot express how grateful I am. I even told you this before, I feel like I manifested you into my journey. So Grateful for all that you do babe. I’ve been using your tools from mirror work, to gratitude counting, morning rituals to meditation, your Instagram post everyday, your podcasts. I can see the shift, I can feel it!!!!!!. It’s Life Changing, You are changing my life, helping me heal, & embrace all that I am. There are tough days but I feel more and more equipped. It’s Magical! The more I do this the more I love my tribe of women, I’m ready to rise together and build each other up.”


“I found Natalia when I needed her most. I feel that I have grown and evolved and it’s been amazing that Natalia is so open that she too is learning and evolving. It’s a process for all of us— Natalia is just a little further down the path than I. I have taken a number of Natalia’s courses and have found that the universe has rewarded my undertaking to improve myself by expanding my perception to new and exciting opportunities that I may otherwise have been closed to. The MAN-IFESTED course although romantically driven— has actually helped me understand my worth, what’s acceptable behaviour in relationships, what I can strive for and moreover, what my non-negotiables are. There’s no settling now. I’m so excited for what’s to come. I’m valuable! I put in enormous amounts of energy into relationships. I deserve that back. If it’s not that— then a gentle goodbye! There are far better things ahead than anything I’ve left behind...!”


Build Your Mystical Business - Apprenticeship Course -

”I have learned so much from Natalia’s courses - they are a game changer. Each session is in-depth and extremely detailed , so it feels like you are always leaving with either a new perspective or new take on a spiritual/ life lesson. Natalia is an excellent teacher who is incredibly knowledgeable, yet makes materials and information really easy to digest. The classes are a perfect balance of inspiration and learning - with each lesson building on the last. Through these courses , I have been able to dig much deeper into working on myself , finding my purpose and embracing my inner goddess.” ️

— Amber, Mystic Apprenticeship & Live Women’s Empowerment Course Participant, Los Angeles

“I can't express how much MAGIC this Mystical Apprenticeship Course added to my life. Natalia did a great job in passionately expressing the different aspects of astrology & tarot and how we can genuinely share that with people, whether in our own businesses or for our own personal use. I thought the homework was super fun and allowed me to get an experiential understanding of what astrology and tarot are all about. This course restored my connection to the Universe.”

— Jessica, Mystic Apprenticeship Course Participant, Los Angeles

Astrology Essentials x Zodiac Compatibility Course -

”Natalia is the most inspiring astrologer babes (hehe) out there. The content is so beautiful, and for the first time in my life I am truly understanding all aspects of astrology - thanks to Natalia’s exceptional teaching skills. This will be the first of many courses I take with her!!”

— Taryn, Astrology Essentials Course, Victoria, BC

”I am fairly new to studying astrology, but I have absolutely fallen in love with Natalia Benson’s interpretation of all things tarot, zodiac, and astrology. The way she delves into this world reflects a very modern take on the mystical side of life. I love her perspective because she makes it so easy to relate and connect our everyday lives to  our energy that has been mapped out by the stars. 

Natalia Benson’s Zodiac x Astrology Compatibility course has allowed me to take a deep dive into fully understanding my natal birth chart. No more skimming the surface, I have come to gather a profound knowledge of the planets, the signs, their associated elements, how the planets interact with houses and signs, and also how specific planets such as Venus affect the way we approach love and relationships. 

Thank you, Natalia Benson. Keep doing what you’re doing. I love learning with you.”

— Ryan, Astrology Essentials Course, Bangkok, Thailand