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Tarot Reading Sessions

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What happens in a Tarot Reading w/ Natalia Benson?:
Tarot is not about foreseeing the future and the cards hold NO power or energy over the human being. Tarot is an opportunity to take a deeper look into any situation in life, & the way I read is from a space of empowerment, love, encouragement and compassionate inquiry. The truth is, we all know the truth deep down at all times. Tarot offers an opportunity to look deeper and trust the wisdom we all have within us. 

All Sessions are conducted over the Phone, FaceTime or Skype!

Subjects the Tarot can cover: 


+Life Path

+Love & Relationships

+Money & Finances

+Feeling "Stuck" or Feeling Lost

+Any question - the Tarot/You! will have an answer & an amazing perspective!

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"I've had a couple of sessions with Natalia, which have been Tarot readings/Astrology/Life Coaching in nature, and I cannot say enough about each of them. Natalia has this calming energy about her that permeates the session and really allowed me to focus on the reading and the messages being relayed. She's easily connects the cards with astrology and is able to help me understand the current ecosystem of any emotion that I may be feeling. It's easy to find fakes, posers, phonies offering these types of services, but Natalia is not one of them. She is kind, patient, a great listener, relatable, and most important - genuine. I look forward to more sessions with her in the future."

-Rushabh, GA