Crystal Healing Sessions w/ Natalia Benson


Crystal Healing Sessions w/ Natalia Benson

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Crystals are nothing short of magical, but they also have tangible benefits to our feeling of peace and well being.

In this hour long session, Natalia will lay crystals on your main Chakra Points and guide you through breath work and meditation. You are Fully Clothed and no hands-on healing is done, the crystals do the work!

Before the Session begins, Natalia will ask you about main issues in your life, and pay special attention to the crystals and chakra points that are most beneficial to clearing any blockages.

This Healing Session is excellent if you are needing anxiety relief and need a little extra RnR.

Please feel free to email me with any questions about this Session if you are thinking about trying it!:

Session Additions:

Essential Oils: Essential Oils are my favorite. Again after accessing what some current blocks are in your life, we will work with specific essential oils during your session for total relaxation and to create a peaceful environment. I believe in the healing properties of essential oils, each ones having their own unique ability to assist us in life. Plus they smell AMAZING. Think of this as Aromatherapy on steroids : )

Tarot Reading: Before moving into the Crystal Healing, we will first sit down for a 30 minute Tarot Session. Tarot is a mirror of your current condition at a given time - we can focus on love/relationships, career, money or keep the session general. The Tarot gives concise and insightful reflections on any question you ask. Book this addition if you’d like a full spectrum session with me.

Astrology: Ok, let’s get mystical!! For this 30 minute session, we will dive deeply into your Natal Chart (must know your birth-time for this one) or simply go through your Sun Sign. Adding an Astrology Session grants a full spectrum session with me, as Astrology is one of my deepest passions and most incredible tool for self-awareness. Any and all information pulled from your Astrology read can be applied in the Crystal Session.

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