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1-to-1 Coaching w/ Natalia Benson - LET’S CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOGETHER & MAKE 2019 YOUR YEAR <3

Empowerment Coaching Sessions x Spiritual Consulting w/ Me:

One to one mentorship is one of the KEYS to creating an incredible life, it’s just like how we seem to be so much better at giving others advice, taking it ourselves is another story!

I want to empower you in our sessions to become your own boss, your own spiritual guide, your own best friend, lover, confidant & so on…!

When we know how to position ourselves, we can create anything we want in our lives.

My Sessions are intuitively created, empowering & transformative.

For More on my Coaching Methodology & Client Reviews, read here: https://www.nataliabenson.com/empowerment-coaching

1-to-1 VIP Day w/ Natalia Benson

My Coach actually told me to start offering these, I was resistant at first but got over it quickly when I realized how powerful these 3 hour super-sessions are!!

I like to look at these 3 Hour Super-Sessions like a super-charge / loving kick in the pants where we tackle one specific issue and get you set up with a method to success, fulfillment & ultimately, inner peace.

This can be a great option for those who don’t feel they have the time to do a full 6 week to 6 month Coaching Package!

All VIP Day Packages include my Digital Women’s Empowerment Course & Mystic 101!


Design Your Dream Life + The Steps to Get There

What do you really want?! Let’s uncover that together and then create tangible instant steps to getting you there. This Package includes a little magic & a lot of pragmatism, my Aries / Capricorn specialty!

Spiritual Branding: Mini Apprenticeship x Career Direction Session

Who are you? Really? Do you have a dream, goal or project in the works that needs a little guidance to unfold it’s greatness? Let’s get pen to paper & action into magic! This package is perfect for the woman who has something already in the works and needs a little extra attention, love & guidance on her endeavor!

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”My time with Natalia has been honestly life transforming and such an integral part of my business and my life. I initially reached out to Natalia feeling all over the place with my ideas and feeling down on my self due to a lack of focus. After only a few session with Natalia, I became so much more self-aware, so much so that I began looking at and running my business in a completely different way which helped me attract so much more abundance and success. Natalia has genuinely helped me to get to know myself in ways that I didn’t even realise where possible; now I feel so much more fulfilled and in flow with everything that I do. Thank you so much, Natalia, you have a lifelong client here!”

 - Erin, Coaching Client

“Natalia is both knowledgeable and gifted in the spiritual space. Her deep understanding of tarot and astrology makes the spiritual world accessible and had greatly impacted my life.“ 

- Kira, Coaching Client

“Coaching with Natalia helped me not only to get back in touch with my spirituality,  but it helped me also to practice more self-love, which I didn't realize I was lacking. Natalia's way of first working to strengthen my foundation was so key in order for me to make any real lasting changes. The wisdom and techniques she shared with me I continue to use daily. Natalia has added so much value to my life and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you again.”

 - Jessica, Coaching Client