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Anxiety is way too prevalent in our modern day lives and much of this is because we have lost our basic connection to our soul, to nature & to the authentic wisdom that lives inside of us.

The Mystic 101 Course is a Self-Study Course guiding you through the basics of:

  • Astrology (How to read your own Natal Chart & learn the zodiac signs)

  • Tarot (How to work with the Subconscious Mind & re-work issues in your life with the help of the cards)

  • Meditation (How to Ground, Heal Anxiety & Find Inner Peace in just 3 minutes)

  • & Essential Oils (Little ways to keep Nature with you for anxiety & balance with a crazy schedule)

Natalia Benson guides this course as a means to empower you with the same modalities she has utilized to find her own internal fortitude, empowerment & peace.

How the Course Works: Mystic 101 is a self-guided course to help you get into touch with your own Mystical self! Each Section will include an introductory talk by Natalia, then, the student will follow along the provided syllabus to learn and practice the relevant subject matter at their own pace.

This course is meant to empower *you* to learn and study the mystical arts on your own and create your own relationship to them. 


Each Section of Mystic 101 Will Include: 

1. An Introductory Video to each Subject: Meditation, Astrology, Tarot & Essential Oils

2. Course Materials List: (Essential Oils, Tarot Cards, Suggested Reads, etc.)

3. Tips & Tricks by Natalia on how to adopt these Ancient Practices easily into a busy Modern Life. 

What you'll need: 

For this Course you will need the following:

1. A notebook to capture your notes, findings & to journal your studies and progress

2. I suggest listening to the Course in headphones to have a more intimate experience

3. Keep a crystal companion with you! Any crystal will do. Make the space around you beautiful as you study.

4. For the Meditation Portion: A comfortable pillow & quiet space (see bonus attachment on creating your own meditation altar)

5. For the Astrology Portion - you will need a computer to do your Astrology Research & a notebook

6. For the Tarot Portion - please purchase the Thoth Tarot Deck & the Book (on Amazon): Tarot: Mirror of the Soul by Gerd Zeigler

7. For the Essential Oils Portion: I suggest *only* using doTerra oils & I explain why in the Essential Oils video within the first few minutes.