Session 1: Welcome!


Welcome to Mystic 101!


For this Course you will need the following (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE COURSE MATERIALS LIST — you can save it to your phone!):

1. A notebook to capture your notes, findings & to journal your studies and progress

2. I suggest listening to the Course in headphones to have a more intimate experience

3. Keep a crystal companion with you! Any crystal will do. Make the space around you beautiful as you study.

4. For the Meditation Portion: A comfortable pillow & quiet space (see bonus attachment on creating your own meditation altar)

5. For the Astrology Portion - you will need a computer to do your Astrology Research & a notebook

6. For the Tarot Portion - please purchase the Thoth Tarot Deck & the Book (on Amazon): Tarot: Mirror of the Soul by Gerd Zeigler

7. For the Essential Oils Portion: I suggest *only* using doTerra oils & I explain why in the Essential Oils video within the first few minutes.

+ For $35 wholesale membership email me & I will set you up (this is the best value).

+ For Single Use Oils order CLICK HERE

Essential Oils Starter Kit:

a. Lavender

b. Peppermint

c. Lemon

d. Frankicense

e. Oregano