The way you wake up determines the quality of your life. Are you waking up with good energy, intention and love in your heart?

As you begin to do that, your entire life will change.

I started this Text Service as a means to send you Positive Affirmations, Astrological Happenings, Intention Setting & other short form messages to instill GOOD VIBES right when you wake up, every day!

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What you will receive when you Subscribe: 

+ A Daily Text Message straight to your phone written by me!

+ Messages will range from Positive Affirmations, Daily Intentions, Astrology Happenings, Quick Meditation Ideas, Tarot Card of the Day, etc.

+ Subscription is $8 / monthly recurring. You can cancel anytime you'd like!

** Once you subscribe - you will receive your first text message from "33222" the following week - our system needs a few days to aggregate your subscription! 

Be sure to save the above number as Natalia Benson Good Vibes ;)

If you have ANY trouble please email me!: **