MAN-IFESTED: Manifesting LOVE via Self-Love


“Love this course so much! it taught me so much about life and loving myself. natalia gives you the tools to reflect and accept yourself in order for you to manifest the love you deserve!”


“After completing Natalia’s course, my boyfriend and I have grown so much closer. While we still have disagreements, we are able to communicate more openly and to restabilize more quickly. This course has reassured me of my feelings for my boyfriend of 6 months as we have both bonded deeply and grown closer. He is pursuing his dreams as I pursue mine. We are so excited to be planning a future - wedding, kids, business, the whole enchilada! I’m so grateful for Natalia’s course! She is such a wonderful and wise teacher!”


“This course has been EVERYTHING. I had a baseline for a lot of these concepts but you put it all together in a meaningful and ACCESSIBLE way and I just cannot wait for all that is to come!!”


“MAN-IFESTED has given me to confidence to love myself more deeply and also taught me to be clear about what I want and that I deserve. So often, we don't go for gold. Natalia makes it fun to manifest sensational love!”


“I loved what this course was all about, it was a great way to learn about myself and love myself first. The exercises and tools I have learned here i will implement into my every day life. 💙”


“The best course for manifesting the love you want, through heart-felt lessons leading back to self-love. This course transformed my relationship and also my journey to self. Totally nudged me to heal and grow in the area. Thank you so much Natalia!”


“MAN-IFESTED made me realize that the most important person to love is **ME**first. Then the rest will beautifully find it’s place.”


“Natalia, You have been such a magical being in my self love journey. I cannot express how grateful I am. I even told you this before, I feel like I manifested you into my journey. So Grateful for all that you do babe. I’ve been using your tools from mirror work, to gratitude counting, morning rituals to meditation, your Instagram post everyday, your podcasts. I can see the shift, I can feel it!!!!!!. It’s Life Changing, You are changing my life, helping me heal, & embrace all that I am. There are tough days but I feel more and more equipped. It’s Magical! The more I do this the more I love my tribe of women, I’m ready to rise together and build each other up.”


“I found Natalia when I needed her most. I feel that I have grown and evolved and it’s been amazing that Natalia is so open that she too is learning and evolving. It’s a process for all of us— Natalia is just a little further down the path than I. I have taken a number of Natalia’s courses and have found that the universe has rewarded my undertaking to improve myself by expanding my perception to new and exciting opportunities that I may otherwise have been closed to. The MAN-IFESTED course although romantically driven— has actually helped me understand my worth, what’s acceptable behaviour in relationships, what I can strive for and moreover, what my non-negotiables are. There’s no settling now. I’m so excited for what’s to come. I’m valuable! I put in enormous amounts of energy into relationships. I deserve that back. If it’s not that— then a gentle goodbye! There are far better things ahead than anything I’ve left behind...!”