✨💰Money is at the root of absolutely everything.

At this very moment, money is the factor that is making everything in your life possible.

But so often we have such a tumultuous relationship with something that has the propensity to be deeply magical & phenomenally transformative.

I always like to say that as women, it’s now time that we relate to money in a feminine way, in a language and manner that we can enjoy and understand!

Take a moment right now, deepest breath in, hold it, and then breath out. Then ask yourself this:

What would my life look and feel like if I loved money?

What could my life look and feel like, if money felt magical?

I took myself out of a low-vibrational, poverty mindset sometimes making only $175.00 weekly, to building a 6 Figure Business helping women transform & LOVE their lives.

MONEY IS A NEUTRAL ENERGY. Meaning — it does not have a mind of it’s own, you have the power to assign what money means for you and how much or how little of it you actually want in your life.

I created this Membership after experiencing mind blowing results from my MAGICAL WOMEN & MONEY COURSE -

I never intended on creating a Membership Group around money, but what I saw is that the changes can be immediate, the magic can be conjured even around the financial and that the power of women, coming together to nourish and support one another’s highest dreams is truly phenomenal.

This Membership is for you if:

  • you are finally READY to heal, shift & up-level your money story

  • you are finally ready to step into your purpose & your power

  • you crave connection with likeminded, spirited, heart felt women who are truly FOCUSED on creating the life of their dreams

  • you want to understand money and relate to money in a way that feels organic, fun & authentic to YOU

  • you are ready for MAGIC & MONEY baby!

What’s included in the MWM Membership?

  • 1 monthly LIVE meetup with Natalia & all of the money queens in MWMM (Magical Women & Money Membership) completed with a guided EFT Tapping Session that is practiced throughout the Month

    • Each month we traverse a new theme around up-leveling and healing our money stories, finally traversing our life purpose, outlining a life vision that feels incredible. Each theme is based around what is taught in Magical Women & Money, the Course

    • Your own Accountability Partner - this is your partner in SHINE to keep you focused & accountable on creating the life of your dreams with the bank account to match

    • A MWM Membership Hub complete with guided affirmations, high vibrational content, immersion materials, Natalia’s book rec. of the month (we read the book like a book club of sorts!), EFT Tapping Sessions, Money Vibe playlists & so much more

    • Exclusive perks only for MWMM Members: exclusive free classes with Natalia, an NB Class Pass for events & courses, and first offerings to NB in-person events

    • A FREE COPY OF MAGICAL WOMEN & MONEY, THE COURSE - It’s yours to keep forever and must be completed at the beginning of your enrollment in the Membership!

      How much is the MWM Membership?

    • Membership is $88 / month, charged once on the 11th of each month. That’s only $22 a week to completely shift & up-level your life, as well as have access to all of the MWMM perks & community!

    • 3 month minimum requirement to join so you can truly FEEL AND EXPERIENCE the effects of consistent empowerment & conscious community!! COMMIT! The time is NOW! ✨💰


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