What is Life Coaching with Natalia Benson?

Look, life is challenging but it is also beautiful. i truly believe that we are on the earth together for a major reason, we have relationships and internal struggle to learn more about ourselves and how to live our best life.  i know that the goal in life (at least for me & my clients) is to have a fluid, loving and respectful relationship to life itself.  we sometimes need each other to get through things, it's helpful to get messages from others to see things in a new light or in a new way. we often get bogged down from our own perspective on life and my coaching will help you discover the bigger purpose for your path and help you see the beauty in the struggle. 

i like to specialize in the following:

Love & relationships, 

Incorporating spirituality into your life, 

Life purpose & direction, 

Change of career, 

Inner peace, 

Meditation instruction,

Custom created to suit you on your journey to greatness & lightness of being.

Who is Life Coaching for?

Life coaching with me is for anyone who wants to have a deeper relationship with themselves & their spirit to live their most beautiful life. i guide on a myriad of topics and typical life scenarios helping you to see the beauty in the struggle, get out of a rut, or simply organize and plan your next big move. i incorporate meditation practices, astrology, tarot, yoga, and health and wellness into the mix too. my methodology is unique and multifaceted and i promise you will move out of our sessions together feelings more vital, hopeful, and empowered.

I take a compassionate, holistic and empowering approach to coaching you through any situation in your life. I love to incorporate in elements from my training in both Astrology and Tarot for anxiety and stress management as well as assistance finding your path in life.

Why do I do this?

I love leading people to breakthrough and the realization that life TRULY can be a beautiful and wonderful experience. I've led myself through some of the most treacherous and challenging times with my holistic methodology and it's an honor to pass that on.

How Sessions Work

I work with you on a 4 session, 8 session, 16 sessions or an a'la carte session basis. each session is custom tailored to your specific need. we will generally begin with a meditation or relaxation and then get right into the work. each session is unique and multifaceted- created just for you. 

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Free Initial Consult

I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation if you'd like to consider beginning to work with me! to schedule your free consultation please fill out the form to your left & I will follow up with you within 24-48 hours.

If you know you are ready to go, have a look at the pricing below & pre-purchase your sessions.





Introductory rates: (will raise in 6 months)

a'la carte session: $325 for 90 minutes. 

4 sessions: $250 / session = $1000

8 sessions: $200 / session = $1600

16 sessions: $175 / session = $2800


"It was pure magic working with Natalia. She is so full of love and light. I have seen many coaches in my life - no one compares. I had epic breakthroughs the first week in - and she is continuing to challenge me to level up. HIGHLY, highly recommended."            --Chelsea, Los angeles

"Can't wait to book my next session with Natalia.  She is incredibly intuitive and spot on in her analysis and comments.  This is about tapping into the inner voice that sometimes gets overshadowed by the noise around us to really make productive and meaningful directional changes in life." --Alix, Venice beach

"I loved working with Natalia ! She changed my life and I can't thank her enough !" --Mariel, Los Angeles

"Natalia has been a light in my life. We met each other when I was at my lowest point and she helped teach me valuable life changing techniques. Through healthy techniques combining kundalini yoga, meditation, and the power of the positive thought she helped me rewire my destructive pathways of thought in my brain. I am forever thankful for the lessons she has taught me and would recommend her to anybody in need of a life change." --Kyle, Los Angeles

"Natalia Benson has an amazing gift to offer the world that is unique to her and her practice. I highly recommend seeing Natalia for life coaching and healing. I leave sessions after working with Natalia feeling so serene and clear about my life path. Natalia is a natural intuitive and is able to see and pick up on things that the normal person would not which is why I love talking to her. Natalia is an amazing listener, has an open-mind/heart, and I am confident to say that I would trust her to lead me in the right direction in any area that I need work on in my life, whether it be career, spirituality, finances, self-esteem, relationships, love, navigating emotions, self-care, literally everything! You will get way more than you ever expected with Life Coaching from Natalia!" --Thomas, Los angeles