What is Empowerment Coaching with Natalia Benson?


Look, life is challenging but it is also beautiful. I truly believe that we are on the Earth together for a major reason, we have relationships and internal struggle to learn more about ourselves and how to live our best life. 

I know that the goal in life (at least for me & my clients) is to have a fluid, loving and respectful relationship to life itself.

We sometimes need each other to get through things, to go to the next level, to gain a new perspective.

It’s helpful to get messages from others to see things in a new light or in a new way.

We often get bogged down from our own perspective on life and my coaching / spiritual mentorship will help you discover the bigger purpose for your path and help you see the beauty in the struggle.

Whether you are feeling lost, overwhelmed or unsure where to begin, in the realm of career, love or life purpose, I guarantee you we can make incredible progress TOGETHER and change your life with my 8 Week Immersion Method.


Who is Empowerment Coaching for?

Coaching with me is for anyone who wants to have a deeper relationship with themselves to live A TRULY REMARKABLE LIFE.

Empowerment Coaching with Natalia Benson is for:

  • those who are tired of making excuses year after year as to why their life hasn’t changed yet

  • those who are READY to create that business, call in the love of their life, get their finances FLOWING

  • you, if you are truly ready to change, step into your power, invest in yourself & create a phenomenal life that feels purposeful, exciting & beautiful.

You are only allowed to contact me for Coaching if you are truly READY on all levels to change, shift, up-level & transform yourself into the Woman who knows, she deserves to live the life of her dreams.


How I Coach -

I love leading people to breakthrough and the realization that life truly can be a beautiful, wonderful & EMPOWERING experience.

I’ve led myself through some of the most treacherous and challenging times with my holistic methodology and it’s an honor to pass that on.

I take a compassionate, holistic and intuitive approach to coaching you through any situation in your life.

I incorporate meditation practices, astrology, tarot, yoga, women’s empowerment, movement and health & wellness into the mix to help create ease, relieve anxiety and allow the answers that are within you to guide on ANY question that ails you.


The issue many face when seeking out Coaching is, who is going to authentically guide me towards the life & end result I deeply yearn for?

I am constantly humbled & blown away by the transformations I witness my clients go through even after just two weeks of applying my Self Empowerment Method.


Coaching Areas of Focus

LIFE PURPOSE & DIRECTION — Everyone has a purpose!! What is YOURS? Let’s uncover it together utilizing Natal Chart Astrology, Self Empowerment Tools & Visualization.

CONSCIOUS BUSINESS COACHING — I love empowering Women on creating, evolving & soaring within the realm of their unique dream with strategy, accountability & holistic personal development practices.

INCORPORATING SPIRITUALITY INTO YOUR LIFE — How to begin your own unique spiritual path, developing a spiritual routine for healing & awareness.

SELF LOVE X INNER PEACE — This may seem illusive, but it’s a truly simple byproduct of coming to understand how to be completely YOURSELF. Enter self acceptance, self love practice, and all of the good stuff!

CHANGE OF CAREER — Taking the leap can be f*cking scary, but it doesn’t have to be. The Universe & I have your back, and I want to empower you to make big life changes and stand behind your decision through and through.

WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT COACHING — Want to be a Coach yourself? Let me Guide you! This is my ultimate life purpose & I am honored to guide you on creating a career that fortifies & fulfills you on all levels as mine does.



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