Healthy & happy people are typically more productive and fulfilled than those living under immense anxiety and stress.

The Wellness Industry is expanding exponentially right now because so many people are realizing success & productivity feel empty without internal fulfillment & physical well-being. We get burnt out & more easily stressed out by avoiding mental & spiritual health and wellness & purely focusing on external goals & results.  

I approach company wellness from a very unique place - my background is in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as well as Astrology and one-to-one Life Coaching.

I bring a unique and refreshing energy to the concept of Company Wellness, one that embraces the whole person - inner and outer - with unique, customized programs to fit your start-up or large business organization. 

As I said -  happy and healthy people are more fulfilled people - and more fulfilled people are focused, productive and excited about their work. I’m excited to share my unique & holistic approach with you and your team.

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