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Thank you for your interest in my Self Empowerment Method, Coaching Certification.

This is such a profound time for us as women, to step up, invest in ourselves and build the life of our dreams while making a massive difference in the trajectory of Humanity.

I have watched the women I work with completely transform their entire lives with simple yet profound shifts through one to one coaching with me.

I truly believe life is only worth living when we know how to show up, serve and contribute to other people's lives in a meaningful and authentic way.

Women are in a truly paramount time in human history. We are seeking empowerment, inner peace, inner power, deep self worth, self love and most of all, direction for our skills and talents.

It's time for women to know how to serve one another, build their own business and means of livelihood, and truly embody their spiritual and emotional capabilities. To see these sacred aspects of self, not as weak or something to be ignored, but rather aspects of our essence that make us unstoppably magical and beautifully powerful.

 🐆What I am Looking for in My Coaches

Who you are: loving, self aware, respectful, self-accountable, centered, purposeful, open minded, open hearted, engaged in inner work, and willing to step into your own unique expression of authentic power.

I am calling in women who seek to serve and contribute to the betterment of humanity by guiding women (their clients) on empowering themselves via spiritual and personal development tools. My women will encourage their women (clients) to own their self awareness, take action on their life visions & goals in order to empower themselves.

 🐆What is The Self Empowerment Method?


This Coaching Certification training and process is a unique synergy between the pragmatic tools it takes to change and uplevel your life and the intuitive knowing of which tools to utilize. When to tap into soul / feminine energy, when to tap into directive, action-oriented / masculine energy.

The Basic Tenants of My Coaching Practice & Self Empowerment Method:

  1. The Morning Practice & Daily Empowerment Rituals

  2. The Power of Language & Vibrational Manifestation

  3. Self Accountability via The Self Empowerment Tools for Life Mastery & Life Magic

The Self Empowerment Tools I will be guiding and training you on:

  • Meditation & Breath-Work for Inner Peace, Centeredness & Power,

  • Visualization for Life Creation,

  • Mirror Work for Self Love & High Self Worth / Manifestation,

  • Kundalini Yoga for Soul Empowerment & Inner Strength,

  • EFT Tapping for Releasing What No Longer Serves,

  • Astrology Empowerment & Natal Charts for Inner Inquiry,

  • Self Inquiry Practices via Journaling & Channeling Information from Higher Self,

  • Healthy Daily Practices for Empowerment & Inner Peace,

  • Tapping into Intuition vs. Fear-tuition

  • = Becoming the most powerful being you can become, so you can guide your clients on becoming the most powerful beings they choose to become! ✨👑  

🐆What does the Certification look like & what will I be learning?


9 Month Coaching Certification Layout:


🐆Energies Required:

Commitment, a willingness to learn, grow and transform, a desire to serve & contribute to others, to work hard and to love yourself deeper than you could have imagined possible. Because the way you meet yourself is the way you will meet your clients, and the way you meet your clients is the way you will change the world. 

This Certification is 11 years of inner work, trainings, yogic studies, medicine journeys, trials, errors,  fuck-up’s  & triumphs in the making. I am condensing the journey and wisdom I cultivated into a 9 month, life upleveling Coaching & Mystical Business Training for you.

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 🐆What’s Included & When does the Training begin?:

  • January 2020: 2 day kick off-LIVE Immersion Workshop with Natalia Benson in Los Angeles

  • Each Month:

  • 2 ONLINE Monthly Trainings:

    • 1 , 8 Hour Full Day Training the first Saturday of each month - complete with monthly practices & integration homework

    • 1 , 3 Hour Evening Session / Recap Session , Last Thursday of every Month

    • An Accountability Partner - your babe to journey with for all of NBCC

  • 1 , Monthly 1:1 Coaching Session with Natalia

  • September 2020: 2 day Immersion Workshop & Graduation Ceremony in Los Angeles

  • 1 Year All Access to Natalia Benson Courses, Live Classes & Events + Full Year Inclusion in Magical Women & Money Membership

  • + Guest Teachers, Bad-Ass Business Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Spiritual Guides to empower & inspire the NBCC Babes on their journey in 2020!

 🐆Investment & Payment Options:


Let’s do this beauties, it would be my absolute honor to guide you into your power as a self directed, incredible coach and conscious business woman.

Please act expediently as once the 25 spots are filled we will be closed and I have nearly 150 women on the waitlist. I’m not sure I will do another training like this in the future so the time is NOW .✨

I’ll see you in January :) 


🐆To Enroll: