Natalia Benson is a modern mystic, Tarot reader, teacher and Astrologer living in Los Angeles. Natalia became fascinated by the mystical around the age of 19 after reading both The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield & Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsch. She had been very sick for a period of months forcing her to get quiet, master meditation, read, create art and cook as a means of healing herself and getting into deeper touch with her spirit all while still in college. 

Spirituality to Natalia encapsulates self accountability and knowing how to have an honest conversation with yourself and with the Universe...

Natalia's journey throughout her twenties has been incredibly interesting and perhaps not typical: beginning her first Yoga Teacher Training at the age of 23 after battling substance addiction she went in and out of sobriety and yoga classes until finding her most powerful practice within Kundalini Yoga.. all the while studying Tarot, Astrology & the occult. She began doing readings for friends as she built an ever expanding client list, from Google to Topshop, receiving interviews from the likes of The Numinous, The Culture Trip, RackedLA, Mondrian Hotels and The Hoodwitch, to name a few. 

Natalia is now the resident Astrologer for fusing her old roots as a jewelry designer with her love of all things Astrology.